Make Sure Your Investment Is Sound

Schedule an investment property inspection in Peru & Kokomo, IN

It's not always easy finding good investment homes. Thankfully, Holland's Inspection Services can help. We're a property inspection company based in Peru & Kokomo, IN that will provide a detailed inspection to help you decide if a home would make a great rental property.

You also learn of any issues and can make repairs before they become a problem for renters. Reach out to us now to set up a rental property inspection.

What elements are most concerning?

What elements are most concerning?

A property inspection can unearth various issues in a home. However, the most concerning are often those regarding:

  • Roofing
  • Electrical work
  • Structural elements
Did your rental property inspection reveal an issue you're uneasy about? Get in touch with our inspector right away. We'll be happy to discuss the findings in-depth and answer any questions, so you're confident about your decision.