Get Ready to List Your Home

Arrange for a sellers home inspection in Peru & Kokomo, IN

Are you ready to sell your home? Well, inspections aren't just for buyers. If you want to make sure the escrow process goes smoothly, consider getting a sellers home inspection with Holland's Inspection Services.

We'll thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home in Peru & Kokomo, IN or the surrounding area. At the end of the inspection, we'll explain our findings, so you can make any necessary repairs before your home hits the market. Reach out to us today to learn more about home inspections for sellers.

Why should you get an inspection as a seller?

Why should you get an inspection as a seller?

You probably know that inspecting a home as a buyer is important, but is it really necessary for sellers? Well, when you get a sellers home inspection, you can:

  • Put buyers at ease and prevent them from backing out
  • Avoid delays in the escrow process by fixing issues in advance
  • Gain the confidence needed to negotiate the best deal for you home
Make selling your home easier than ever. Schedule a home inspection for sellers today.